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Project Description
This ImapClient was created to incorporate Imap Mailbox Syncing with following features. This client is not full featured client, but it provides sufficient features to sync remote mail box easily and it is only free library which supports BODYSTRUCTURE correctly.

ImapClient Features

  • Pure .NET C# Code
  • ANTLR Based Response Parser (Which is faster as well as easy to debug)
  • ANTLR Grammar for Response Parser
  • Login with SSL (Tested with gmail)
  • Query Folders (Without statistics - faster)
  • Boolean UID Switch to turn commands into UID commands
  • Select Folder (Returns Total/Recent/UIDValidity)
  • Search (only Since is supported)
  • Fetch Body Structure (Full BODYSTRUCTURE Implementation)
  • Fetch Body Parts (Useful for fetching individual items)

We are still working on this project, however once we freeze the development, we will let volunteers add more features further. 

For more details on ANTLR, you will need to visit their website and check their licensing policy. ANTLR makes parsing very easy.

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